Three Tips for Getting an Investment Loan in 2019

Is it harder now to get an investment loan than it was in the past? Maybe! But with these tips, you’ll improve your chances of getting one. There are all sorts of forces in play when you’re applying for an investment loan. Lenders obviously take your circumstances...

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So Money is Not Important?

Parts of society has lead us to believe that money is not important. For some, we were conditioned when growing up and told that “Money is the root of all evil”, “You shouldn’t have too much money because other people don’t have money” and “Why do you need all that...

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Is Time Your Friend or Enemy?

We’re constantly pushing ourselves each day and night, always busy at all times and at all costs. We’re always rushing from one thing to another. We live by the calendar and we are run by the clock. When we’re late (not on time) the consequences and penalties can even...

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Why This Left Should Feel Right

"There's a really simple philosophy and approach that I’ve adopted over the past 15 years that's allowed me to create incredible success in the area of money, happiness, health, relationships, decision making and so much more." Here’s the thing. As hard as we try,...

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