Chris and Charlotte Wolf


How a Young Family Saved 4.5 Years off their Home Loan and a Massive $174,000 in Interest Repayments in the Just 6 Weeks.


Chris and Charlotte were referred to Wealth For Life back in 2017. Peter is 34 and Charlotte is 33 and have two children. Chris is a self-employed electrician for the past 4 years, while Charlotte has worked in an administrative job for the past 6 years. Their goal was to pay their home loan off faster than the 30 years they were told it would take. After a meeting in our offices, we advised both Chris and Charlotte about the benefits of having their interest rates regularly reviewed as banks buy your business by giving you an interest rate they can get away with. This is much different from the lowest rate which they can provide.


Chris had decided to call his own bank. Having been their client for 5 years he demanded a better interest rate than the 5.79% he was on. A week later we spoke to him to see if we would like us to get a better deal for both he Charlotte. He told me not to worry as he had already done this. Great news!!! We asked what the new rate was and he advised us he had gotten it reduced down to 5.13%, a monthly saving of $261.25 in lower interest. We asked Chris if he minded if we also tried with his bank to see if there was a better rate they might come back to us with. He said no problem and gave us the details. We made a call to the lender and immediately over the phone got a further reduction to 4.75% … a further saving of $150.41 per month.


Chris was furious at the bank for not offering the same rate to him. We booked an appointment and after reviewing his loans we looked at the structure and the way they handle their money and ended up changing loan providers to get a rate of 4.28% – they were now an additional $186.04 per month better off. In fact, their total interest saving was now $597.70 per month compared to their original loan. We also showed Chris and Charlotte that if they kept their repayments at the same amount they were originally paying, they would own their home 4 years and 5 months sooner and save a massive $173,969 in interest. The additional savings also allows them to purchase an investment property through Wealth For Life Property Advisory that would only cost them $45 per week out of pocket.


Old interest rate: 5.75%
New interest rate: 4.28%
Savings: $597.70 per month or $7172.40 per year
Outcome: Using the savings as extra repayments they would pay their loan off 4 years and 5 months sooner
Saving: $173,969 in interest and payments


Most of us are taught that Bank cannot be negotiated with. What they give you is what you take. As you’ve seen from the example above banks will give you what they can get away with. As Mortgage Brokers, we know how to get the best deal for our clients. Just ask Chris and Charlotte.

“We trusted our bank to look after us but in the end found out that they were only looking after themselves and cared very little for us in the scheme of things. I’ll never go directly to a bank ever again. Instead, I’ll continue to use the team at Wealth For Life Mortgage Solutions as they have always had our best interests at heart. The money they saved us off our home loan is something we’ll never forget. We can now use that extra to money to instead invest in property for our future. Thank You Wealth For Life Mortgage Solutions.”

Chris and Charlotte Wolf

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