Do you know where your finances stand? Could you start investing today? Our wealth education services provide you with the knowledge that you need to secure financial freedom.

It’s no secret that schools don’t do enough to teach people how to manage their money. Regular people like Fiona Steele bear the brunt of that bad education. A single mother of an 11-month old son, Fiona really struggled. She just didn’t have enough time on her hands. Between working, raising a son, and maintaining a household, she couldn’t spare much time for her finances. She worried about her financial situation constantly but had always found herself too busy to seek advice. Then her employer asked her to attend a money management course
as part of its value-added services. She came to Wealth for Life.

Helping Fiona Help Herself

The biggest challenge that we faced came in getting Fiona to the course in the first place. She had so many commitments that attending a course wasn’t high on her agenda. But with a little cajoling, she finally took our Financial Security Assessment. That assessment showed her that she faced a bleak financial future if she didn’t make some changes. Fiona asked us what we could do to make that future brighter.

The Wealth for Life Solution

Fiona attended our Money Management Course. It’s a great course for anybody who wants to learn about the everyday issue of money management. In one seminar, Fiona learned how to balance her budget and shop for great deals. She received so many tips about the little savings that she can make that add up to a huge difference. By the end, Fiona understood her money like never before. With the knowledge at hand, she now had a plan of action for tackling her finances. Suddenly, having so little time wasn’t an obstacle anymore.

The End Result

Fiona told us that her confidence when it came to her finances rated at a 5/10 before attending our course. We bumped that up to a 10/10 rating. We helped her to see past the obstacles that a lack of financial education had put in her path. She now sees how her relationship with money had prevented her from attaining financial freedom. With our help, she now has the knowledge she needs to give herself and her son a more stable financial future.

Education That Benefits Everyone

Schools place precious little emphasis on financial education. Students leave school without knowledge of the financial pitfalls that they may fall into. They have to learn from experience, which means many will make mistakes. It happened to Fiona and it happens to thousands of other Australians. For generation after generation, students get told the same thing. Study hard, get good grades, and get a good job. The rest will take care of itself. But that doesn’t happen. Instead, you work a full-time job and retire on less than you earned, which was less than you needed in the first place. That approach will not allow you to reach your financial goals. You need an education that the schools don’t provide. Wealth for Life provides that education. We offer a range of educational services that will help you to take control of your finances and plan your next steps. Our seminars, workshops, and even this very website are goldmines of information. And if you work with us directly, you gain access to so much more. Our people put their knowledge into practice every day. They can teach you to do the same. Whether you want to start investing or you just need to know more about money, we can help.

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