• In this week’s episode of #AskAnthony, Anthony Peluso chats with Russell Zayedi about the highs and lows of investing, and how you can achieve massive success with the right mindset.


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    In this episode Anthony and Russell discuss:

    • Why do people want Money?
    • Why are people with well-paid jobs still living hand to mouth?
    • The link between technology like GPS and investment planning.
    • The importance of financial ‘health’ check-ups.
    • How quickly Russell gained $85,000 in equity on his first investment.
    • How Russell spent his $85,000.
    • The property market’s media coverage.
    • Back in the day when property cost $7 thousand dollars and how much these properties are worth today.
    • Two important things to consider before investing.
    • Russell’s biggest challenge when investing.
    • The best time to buy property.
    • The major challenge preventing people from entering the property market.
    • Russell’s top advice to those wanting to invest.
    • The importance of industry knowledge.

    Resources and other topics mentioned in this episode

    About Russell Zayedi

    Russell Zayedi is a Senior Property Investment Advisor at Wealth for life. He loves to teach his clients how to invest without creating any impact or disruption to their current lifestyle. He helps them manage the complete process, which brings relief to the clients when they do not have enough time or knowledge on how the investing journey works.

    He has been working in the finance industry for over 12 years and helped thousands of clients achieve financial freedom, from doctors, nurses, accountants to teachers, university professors, IT professionals, engineers, tradespeople and even foreign investors.

    He came to this beautiful country of opportunity in early 2000 and broke into the property market at a very young age. Over the years, he has built a multi-million dollar property portfolio for himself and his family.

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