Fiona Steele


How a single mother turned her financial future around in just one evening.


Fiona Steele is a single mother of an 11 month old son and is currently living in an apartment in Bayside. Her company made it compulsory to attend our money management course as part of a value added service it provides to its employees. In a questionnaire which she completed prior to the course, she was severely worried about her financial situation and thought that nothing she did will change it. Fiona had not previously sought advice as she found herself “too busy” and said she is “taking a chance” by coming to the Wealth For Life Money Management Course (MMC).


Getting Fiona to attend this course proved to be more difficult than first thought. Busy with work, busy with her son, cleaning cooking and everything else that busy individuals do on a day to day basis. Our “How to predict your financial future for the rest of your life” questionnaire was very concerning as it was obviously clear that unless she changed something, her finances were only going to get worse. It was now a simple case of the the “pain of discomfort verses the pain of regret.”


She attended our Money Management Course and in her feedback form she stated that her self-confidence to manage her money skyrocketed from 5/10 to 10/10. She believed she could now change her own destiny after we showed her how to budget, shop around and avoid debt. She also now felt she had the time to tackle her finances and felt less stressed.


After attending the course, Fiona has been able to put in place the money management system we trained her on during the course. As a result, she has found herself accumulating more money for things such as financial freedom, further education, necessities, giving away to her charities, and even blowing money on herself without any shame or guilt. The result is that she now has more money and attracts more money. Soon she’ll be in a position where she can commence her own investment strategy.


Many fail to understand their relationship with money. For most, money is a very confusing subject because of the fixed ideas and data that people have been carrying around most of their life regarding money. What they saw growing up, what they heard growing up and as a result, make up their own conclusions based on such observations and experiences. Fiona was able to see how her relationship and emotions around money were holding back her financial success.

“ I have learnt so much. If this was a lesson at school, I would not miss it. What I learnt was so informative and the presenters are not like teachers telling you what to do, they share stories and they helped me understand. I’ve learnt about the differences between work income and passive income, the power of compounding, leverage and my true relationship to money and how it was sabotaging my success. I would highly recommend this course. I have two friends, who are also pregnant, and I’m getting them on this course!”

Fiona Steele

Investor and Client

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