5-7 Montrose Street, Hawthorn East Vic 3123

The Hawthorn Black is an economic and eco-friendly building, inflected with a touch of the area’s history and an aesthetic affinity to its environment. The apartment complex features Hawthorn Black Brick which pays homage to the visual style of bygone Hawthorn.

Rising from this podium, six upper levels, set back on all sides are a feat belonging to modern times. The play of balconies, shifting in size and colour, breaks up the building’s visual mass, while providing residents with a private space from which to view the world. Located in this blue-chip suburb and location it consists Swinburne University around the corner, surrounded by other 
 private and government schools, tram rides at the end of the street, scenic bike track minutes away, only 6 km from Melbourne CBD. A quick 12 minute train ride from Melbourne CBD and a mere skip from Auburn train station.



 At any time of the year, a walk around the streets of Hawthorn will reveal countless attractions –
the grace of nature and architecture, the lights and ever-changing shades
of modernity, and a world of preserved charms to discover and get to know.
Hawthorn East is the past, present and future all at once, and
The Hawthorn Black is just a glance, a brisk walk or a stone’s throw from it all.

Well known today as a prestigious suburb of Melbourne, Hawthorn was drawn onto the map
in the 1830s. Its land is rich in clay and many of the first occupants worked in the
quarries of local brickworks. Tens of thousands of bricks – known as ‘pinks’, ‘browns’ and ‘blacks’ were hand-made each
week for the gorgeous polychromatic facades of early Melbourne architecture.

Smartly sophisticated

Skyline views


Where classic

meets modern


Smartly sophisticated

Skyline views

Where classic meets modern

Inside, the apartments vary in size and layout but share a sense of spaciousness, ease and economy, and a sophistication that is consistent with the ambience of nearby streets. The Hawthorn Black has been built and fitted with the most contemporary means And elegant sustainable materials, with a theme of white brick tiles. Fine detail and precision are a part of the package, which includes not only the kitchen sink but bicycles too, for every apartment!

The luxurious apartments are exceptionally well situated, in an area that has long been a place of affluence with the infrastructure and varied attractions to continually draw new residents, primarily young educated professionals with disposable income and a social lifestyle.

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