Luciano and Melissa Fiorio


How a Single Income Family Created Over $300,000 in Capital Growth & $63,000 in cash-flow in just 3 Years.


Luciano and Melissa and their little boy Rocco live in the western suburb of Kings Park. Now both 40 years of age, they were referred to Wealth For Life Institute by a friend back in January 2015. Luciano was working a carpenter and Melissa was a stay at home mum handling school duties with son Rocco. Luciano was earning an income of over $100,000 per annum but having to work close to six days a week, having very little time with family as a result. Investing in property was something that never crossed their mind as they raised with the belief that all debt was bad and any debt accumulated should be paid off as fast as possible. Having a mortgage on their own home was something that scared both of them as they couldn’t see a way to pay this off anytime soon, let alone even think of securing their financial future. Fast forward three years later and both Luciano and Melissa have secured three investment properties and are about to finally realise their goal of building their dream home.


When you have one single family income but three mouths to feed, life can bring you with many challenges. How does one even think about investing when so many depend on your income each week. If something goes wrong, the whole family could go under. You know however that doing nothing could end up being the biggest risk of all. Both Luciano and Melissa knew that they needed to do something but had no idea where to start and who to trust. They were well aware that a single income of $120,000 could not provide them with the lifestyle that they both desired. What worried them most was that they would end up like their parents who could barely look after themselves in their retirement years.


After meeting with both Luciano and Melissa at their home in January 2015, we uncovered their real reason to create financial freedom. They dreamed of one day sending their child Rocco a good private school where he would get the best possible education that would give him all the career opportunities which Luciano and Melissa never had. Their other reason for creating financial freedom was to one day buy their dream home, have it fully paid off and live a comfortable lifestyle in retirement. We proceeded to map out a passive income goal and got started on building a carefully selected property portfolio. We refinanced their existing home to prove them with a better interest rate, saving them approximately $7,500 per year in the space of 2 hours. We agreed to kick off the portfolio by investing in two properties and setting up a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) with the aid of our financial planning team. We provided them with an accountancy firm that would best suit their needs and some overdue estate planning with our highly sought after solicitors. Our property managers took care of their investment properties sourcing tenants for both properties within 24 hours of taking ownership.



Luciano and Melissa have achieved remarkable results in 3-years and have shown that if they can build wealth, anyone can build wealth. They are destined to retire at the age of 60 each with a passive income stream of $160,000 per annum for the rest of their lives. They will also be debt free and living in their dream home. All of this was a result of a simple phone call and catch up 3-years ago.

“We started investing about three years ago, in 2015. We hadn’t paid our mortgage off and wanted to move on to a bigger and better house because we had outgrown ours. Every time we looked at the property market we felt like we just couldn’t touch it.Then we brought Anthony in. When we purchased our first property we were quite scared, then by the second property we were much more confident. It took until the first property settled for us to start reaping the benefits. At times I was hesitant, thinking it would all set us back but it hasn’t. In three years since starting, we’ve paid off our own home, bought a brand new car and have money in the bank. We are in a much better financial situation and we’re now looking at selling our home to move on to our dream home. Anthony showed us the worst case scenario, that this would all take five years. We managed in three years time to get to financial stability and to start looking at our dream home, which Anthony is also helping us with. At one stage I thought “oh my god, what have we done?”, but now looking back we’ve gained so much. Tax comes back each year and saves us so much money, over the last two years at tax time we get enough back to run the properties and go on holidays. We should’ve done it ten years ago, all those years of giving money to the Government when we could’ve been spending it on ourselves. I want other people to feel comfortable in doing what we’re doing and have referred friends and family to Wealth For Life Institute, telling them to start!”

Luciano and Mel Fioro

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