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In 2017, Paul and Stephanie Blackman developed an interest in investing. But they were wary. They’d heard so many investment horror stories about people who’d put themselves into debt due to bad advice. But they had a young child to provide for. If only they could find a way to invest without putting their house or their family at risk. The couple decided to attend a Wealth for Life event to get some information. Then, they met with our team.

Investing While Staying Secure

The Blackman’s risk-averse nature meant that they wanted to protect their family home. That’s definitely a smart mindset. Investing shouldn’t put your livelihood at risk. Instead, it should enhance your life and prepare you for your future. Their house also held a lot of sentimental value for the couple. We needed to create a strategy that would help them to secure their first investment property.

The Wealth for Life Solution

When we met with the Blackmans, we did so with the aim of providing as much information as possible. It’s all about building trust. We talked about some revenue models and discussed how to create a financing structure that wouldn’t affect their lifestyle. We also discussed the importance of having money available, just in case something goes wrong. We showed them the techniques we wanted to use and why they work. Now feeling informed, the couple decided to use one of our brokers to secure an investment loan. They also worked with us to locate the ideal investment property. Then, they started their journey. We found a property worth $520,000 that would deliver $470 in rental income per week. Our brokers then worked their magic. With our financing structure, their first investment property delivers a positive cash flow of $90 per week. The rent handles the mortgage repayments, with a little extra income to go straight back into the house.

The End Result

The key to the Blackman’s success comes down to the financing structure we helped them to create. Their house isn’t at risk and they have an investment property that generates a profit. That’s a great result for new investors. Better yet, they’ll repay their loan two years earlier than anticipated with the structure we recommended for them. Most importantly, they won’t have to use their current income to do it. In total, they’ll save $32,000 in interest payments by the end of the loan period. Today, the Blackmans are at the start of their investment journey. Over the next few years, they’ll build their portfolio with the help of Wealth for Life.

Why Our Home Loan Services Work

Most investors think that finding the right property is the key to financial freedom. It’s certainly an important part of the puzzle. But it may not be the most important part. Your finance plays an equal, if not greater, role in your success. A bad home loan can make it a challenge to profit from even the best investment properties. Instead of reaping the rewards, your income goes straight back into repaying the mortgage. That’s a situation that you need to avoid. At Wealth for Life, we understand that properly structured financing is the key to achieving your goals. That’s why we work with some of the best mortgage brokers in the industry. Maybe you’re wondering why you need a mortgage broker. Here are 10 reasons why our brokers can help you to get a better home loan.

Reason #1: Presenting the Best Case

Mortgage brokers take your entire personal situation into account when looking for loans. It’s their job to present the best case possible for you to the banks. When lenders look for reasons to say “no”, mortgage brokers give them more reasons to say “yes”.

Reason #2: Retaining Your Current Lifestyle

Many new investors take out loans that have massive impacts on their current lifestyles. A good broker helps you to find a loan that doesn’t put your lifestyle at risk.

Reason #3: A Future-Focused Strategy

You need to look to the future when investing. Brokers create strategies that serve your future needs, without jeopardising  your current commitments. Our brokers help you to create financing structures that allow you to borrow again for new investment opportunities. You’ll never miss out on a great opportunity.

Reason #4: In-depth Market Knowledge

Our brokers understand the ins and outs of the property market. They remain abreast about market conditions and the various factors that affect your financing. Most importantly, they do what most lenders won’t.

Reason #5: A Comprehensive Service

With us, you’ll secure a deal that serves your best interests. Our brokers look at much more than just interest rates. They help you to deal with the extra fees and establish favourable terms for your loans.

Reason #6: An Experienced Ally

Your broker works for you. That means he or she is looking for the deal that serves your interests and situation. You’ll have an experienced ally in your corner who understands the difference between what lenders want to achieve and your financial goals.

Reason #7: Cutting Through the Jargon

Take a look at your home loan documents. Do you understand all of the jargon that your lender uses? Our mortgage brokers do, and they’ll explain it to you in plain English.

Reason #8: Unparalleled Access

The average investor only has so much time to research different lenders. In the end, you run out of time. You go for  the best loan that on the table, but there are so many more that you missed. With a broker, you’ll have access to dozens of lenders, many of which have not been on your radar before. With Wealth for Life’s help, you gain access to loan products from over 50 different lenders.

Reason #9: Protecting Your Home

Many investors use their own homes as security for their investment loans. If things go south, that property is the first thing to go. Our brokers structure deals that protect your property and lower your risk.

Reason #10: Saving Time

You’re a busy person who has a job, family, and life to lead. You can’t spare the time to pore through pages and pages of information about different lenders. But our brokers can. They’ll handle all of the research for you, which means you just have to choose the best loan.

Our Services

We offer a range of services via our mortgage team, including:

Pre-approvals for home loans

Investment financing

Home loan reviews

Loan refinancing

Obtaining finance for renovations and construction work

That’s just a small sample of what Wealth for Life’s home loan services have to offer you.

Get in touch with the team today to find out more.

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