At Wealth for Life we help property investors find a safe, simple and secure path to financial freedom, something we’ve done for thousands of Australians.

Founder, Anthony Peluso recognised that most people take the view that they’ll achieve financial security at some point, but rarely do they have a plan in place to achieve this, let alone arrive at this goal.

A humanitarian at heart, Anthony set out to create an organisation to help regular Australians achieve financial freedom. Using property investment as the primary wealth creation vehicle, Anthony has developed a predictable process and model that works.

Our dedicated staff of experts educate and guide our clients through every step of the process, delivering the most comprehensive investment experience possible. From the first consultation through to ongoing advice and property management, we take full responsibility for our clients and ensure we deliver on our promise.

Our eight-step process takes you from formulating a strategy through to carrying it out. We partner with leading financiers, conveyancers and builders, and when you’ve bought a property, we’ll even help you to manage it.

We provide constant support, through market ups and downs – so nothing catches you unawares. Best of all, you don’t need any experience to get started. We work with even the most inexperienced investors.

Our business is built on trust. We are committed to earning your trust and ensuring you have the tools you need to travel along the road to financial freedom – and ultimately arrive.

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