At Wealth For Life, it’s about ensuring we help people achieve their life goals using wealth creation strategies in a safe, secure and simple manner. Therefore your goals, as set out in the planning stage of our model, govern and determine any action and decision made. We review your investment portfolio on a scheduled three monthly basis. Whilst the end goals set out from the beginning won’t change, the plan along the way may change and need to be adjusted to cater for any unexpected circumstances or events. This may include career path and job changes, additional family members, change of marital status, relocation to another city or state or more a more aggressive approach to financial freedom. Certain markets are cyclic and therefore careful planning and management needs to be taken into account. We follow a three step process in achieving your goals. The first is to set up the correct foundation that can support the years ahead. We called this the foundation stage.

The second is what we call the accumulation phase. This is where invest in the chosen asset classes that become your vehicle for financial freedom. You will know how to invest, when to invest and the exact outcome of your investments. The last stage is the preservation stage of the journey. Once you have secured the right assets (quality) and in the right quantity, you will hold your position over time and preserve what you have secured. Overtime we will commence a debt reduction strategy as the end goal is to be financial free, which would mean no debt. It is the last two stages (Accumulation and Preservation) where you will truly see the value of our portfolio management. Given that nothing stays the same so it’s important that the plan along the way is flexible and can me adjusted to cater to this. The aim is to ensure that we are on track and heading in the direction of the set goals in an agreed upon timeframe. Our long term relationship with you means that we are by your side every step of the way.

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