Many people head into property investment on the back of poor advice. Wealth for Life ensures that never happens to you.

Glen and Pauline Moxham didn’t come to us with absolutely no knowledge of property investment. In fact, they had already purchased several properties for their portfolio. Glen also had a personal income of over $100,000 per year, while Pauline claimed a disability pension. At 55 years of age, the couple was approaching retirement. That’s when they made a terrible discovery. They’d received some awful advice from another firm. If things stayed as they were, their portfolio wouldn’t provide for them in retirement. They came to Wealth for Life for help.

Sleepless Nights and Stagnant Portfolio

The Moxhams presented us with a unique challenge. They’d worked with property investment advisory firms before and had some bad experiences.
You could say their experiences made them a little less than trusting. After all, every piece of advice they’d used before hadn’t yielded the results they wanted. The properties that they had already weren’t appreciating in value. This meant that they couldn’t release any equity for building their portfolio. Glen, in particular, experienced many sleepless nights because of this. The advice he’d received so far had led him down the wrong path. We’d need to build trust before we could offer advice.

The Wealth for Life Solution

The very first thing that we did was to sit down with the Moxhams to learn about their current situation. We weren’t looking to offer advice during these early stages. We wanted to find out what had gone wrong. What advice had they followed to put them in this position? From there, we carefully explained our methods to the couple and encouraged them to ask questions. This allowed us to build the trust that was so vital to them following our advice. That’s how we discovered that the couple had two goals:

Generate an income stream of at least $150,000 per year once Glen retired.

Be completely free of debt upon Glen’s retirement.

Once we figured out what happened, we could reverse it. And with the Moxham’s goals in place, we could create an even better plan. This plan would cover the next 15 years of their investment activity. With us, the Moxhams knew what to do every step of the way. First things first, we rid their portfolio of any properties that we knew couldn’t perform to expectations. Once we’d gotten rid of the dead wood, we started building their portfolio again. We acquired some top-performing properties using the proceeds from those sales. Importantly, those properties were in areas that the Wealth for Life staff had invested in themselves. That immediately raised Glen’s confidence levels, because he could see that we put our own advice into action. Our financial planners secured insurance policies to protect the couple and their investments. We also helped them to refinance their loans to offer more favourable repayment conditions. We also took over the management of the Moxham’s property portfolio. Plus, we gave them access to accountants who helped them to reduce their annual tax bill. Simply put, we offered everything that they needed to build and manage a portfolio. Each step of our strategy had a defined payoff. The longer the Moxhams took our advice, the more returns that they saw. 

The End Result

Today, the Moxhams have a thriving portfolio that achieves exactly what they’re looking for. They now own ten properties, seven of which they found with us, that have a combined value of $4.155 million. That means they’re earning $160,000 per year in passive income. But we’re not done yet. Over the course of the next five years, we’ll continue to provide the couple with actionable advice. Upon retirement, they’ll have a portfolio that generates a passive income of $200,000 per year. Best of all, they’ll have absolutely no debt.

The Right Advice with the Right Result

You already know about all of the benefits that property investment can provide to you. Capital growth, rental yields, and a passive income are all great reasons to invest in property. If you make the right choices, you reap the rewards. It all sounds so simple. Yet there are thousands of stories of property investors who’ve failed to achieve their goals. The Moxhams were just one of many. Why is that? The unfortunate truth is that many investors don’t have the knowledge that they need to make the right investments. They snap up “opportunities”, only to be saddled with a bad property. They generate no cash flow and experience no growth. In the end, they generate more financial hardships for themselves. The truth is that property investment requires expertise and dedication. It also requires the right advice at the right time. It’s not something that you can pick up overnight.

The Wealth for Life Solution

That’s where Wealth for Life can help. Our Property Advisory Service provides you with all of the information that you need to make sound investments. And this isn’t just any old advice. It’s the advice that we use ourselves to build strong property portfolios with our own money. It’s all in our 12-step process. We use this special process to assess every property that we take an interest in. Our process ensures each investment option we select falls within the top 5% of investment property performers. And if any property fails a step, it goes straight on the chopping block. With Wealth for Life, you’ll use the fundamentals of investing to make your decisions. There are no gimmicks. Instead, you receive sound advice and a strategy that performs well in the long term. It all comes down to a simple concept. We believe that property performs at its best when it’s used for its original purpose. That seems like such a simple idea. Yet, so many investors try to change their properties into something that they’re not. With Wealth for Life, you learn how to leverage what your property has, rather than trying to turn it into something new.

An Experienced Investment Team

Where does all of this advice come from? Wealth for Life’s people aren’t just advisors. They’re also investors who’ve used our techniques to build towards their own futures. This means they’re not just parroting advice from a sheet. They’re giving you advice that’s actionable and built from their own experiences. You’ll avoid the pitfalls that some of our people fell into when they started their own journeys. More importantly, you’ll receive solid advice on how to make investing work for you. We understand the Australian and Melbourne property markets like no others because we work in them every day. And your portfolio is a team effort for us. Our entire acquisitions team examines every property that you consider buying. If even one of them finds an issue, we don’t advise you to invest in that property. Our 12-step system of checks that ensures that multiple people conduct due diligence before we offer any advice to you. Our advice creates real results. If you want to find out how, get in touch with the Wealth for Life team.

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