Raymond and Maryanne Zahra


How a Couple Saved $5,682.72 off their Loans and Put Themselves in a Position to Pay Off their Home Earlier than Expected.


Raymond & Maryann were referred to Wealth For Life Institute Mortgage Solutions by existing clients. Raymond aged 54 and Maryanne aged 51 reside in the north-west suburb of Keilor East. Raymond works as a mechanical fitter whilst Maryanne works in the retail / cosmetic industry. After sitting down with our Mortgage Broker we were able to help them achieve their goal of refinancing their existing loans in order to get a better finance deal. After meeting with Raymond & Maryanne, we advised them about the importance of having a yearly review of all interest rates and loans to ensure they still remain suitable.


After speaking with Raymond and Maryanne they had real concerns about their current banks interest rates and how their rates have been increasing over the last 6-12 months. They also spoke about a recent notification from their current bank advising that their investment loan would convert to Principle and Interest repayments in a month and the interest rate would increase, again. This caused great concern for the clients as they felt they weren’t being given a good deal from their existing bank and that they were left feeling insecure, as they had no control over the interest rate increases


After researching numerous lenders that offered better products and rates, in line with Raymond and Maryanne’s objectives, we were able to find two that were just right for them. We secured a 3-year fixed rate at 3.88% pa with Principle and Interest repayments and a 1-year fixed rate for their investment loan at 4.49% pa with Interest Only repayments for 5 years. Overall this has saved the clients $473 per month!


Principle Place of Residence
Old interest rate: 4.04% (Monthly Repayment $1,027.42)
New interest rate: 3.88% (Monthly Repayment $1,011 – 3 years Fixed Rate)
Loan Amount: $215,000 (30 year loan term)
$16.42 per month or $197.04 per year

Investment Property 2
Old interest rate: 4.95% (Monthly Repayment $1,912.14)
New interest rate: 4.49% (Monthly Repayment $1,455pm – 5 years Interest Only Fixed Rate)
Loan Amount: $389,000 (30 year loan term)
$457.14 per month or $5,485.68 per year


Both Raymond and Maryanne were very happy with the new loan structure and interest rates.
Having the fixed rate has given them peace of mind and an understanding of what their monthly commitment will be over the next few years. Just ask Raymond and Maryanne!

“After we met the mortgage team at Wealth For Life Mortgage Solutions we couldn’t believe how easy the process was. They took care of everything for us and we now feel in control of our loans by knowing what our monthly repayments are. We no longer have to worry about any unexpected rate increase and can focus on more important things. We could never have done this without the team at Wealth For Life Mortgage Solutions.”

Raymond and Maryanne Zahra

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