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and the $$’s being given away by SCOMO…..


Is this your LAST chance to own YOUR home in Australia??

Will your kids EVER have this opportunity again??

What will your future LOOK LIKE if you miss out??


The clock is ticking, thousands are queueing up to take up Scott Morrisons efforts at relaunching our economy.

Will this EVER be repeated? Is it simply a way for thousands of Australians to get their foot in the door and be a home owner.

This and so much more from someone at the coal face taking the calls from everyday Aussies.


Tune in Wednesday night and listen to CEO and Founder of Wealth For Life, Mr Anthony Peluso.
Regarded as Australia’s leading property expert, he’s the guy that investors, builders and developers turn to during times of uncertainty.
He’s helped place thousands of Australians on the road to financial freedom like, John and Diana who created $200,000 in 2 years,
or Glen and Pauline who created $806,000 in 3 years or Thuy and Tess who created $770,000 in 6 years and many many more.

This may just be the most important property event of 2020.

Don’t miss out!

When: Wednesday the 1st July 2020
Where: Online – Enter your details to claim your spot
Time: 6.30 pm

Wealth for Life team


Book Your Tickets Now - July 1

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