Thuy Huynh


How a single woman created over $770,000 in equity and $98,000 per annum in cash-flow in just 6 years.


Thuy made contact with Wealth For Life in 2012 at the age of 34. She was living in the suburb of Epping with sisters and brother and sent days working and her evenings looking after her elderly parents. Now at 40 years of age, she has amassed a very impressive property portfolio in just six short years given her modest income as an office administrator.


Thuy had always wanted to invest in property but had no idea where to start. She knew she had to do something as she could already see that her income was not going to afford her the lifestyle that she so much desired during her working years and later on in retirement. One your income is less than $100k, you need to be very clever in how you make your money work for you as hard as possible. This is exactly what we showed Thuy to do.


Thuy has worked with Wealth For Life for over six years where she as followed the financial model put to her back in 2012. This has enabled her to build a property portfolio of worth of $2.5M and consisting of five high performing investment properties. This is almost one property every year since commencing. Thuy has followed our system to the letter and has set her self up with a combination of equity, strong cashflow and lines of credit. This has enabled her to take advantage of incredible opportunities on very short notice. Based on the current performance of her properties and their forecasted growth and cashflow, Thuy is positioned to end her working life by the age 50 and live off a passive income stream of $150,000 (indexed with CPI) for the rest of her life. Not bad for a single young lady who currently earns below the average standard Australian income.



Thuy has achieved incredible results in just 6 short years acquiring property on an average one per year. She’s a great example of the fact that it’s not how much money you earn, but what you do with it that counts. She intends to continue to follow per financial plan.

“I been thinking of buying an investment home for a while, but I didn’t know where and who could help me to start. At my work place we always receive letters from all different investment companies advertising but I didn’t go with any of them. One day I received a letter from Wealth For Life Institute. I contacted them and got an appointment with Anthony a few days later. At the time my income did not meet their requirements but Anthony checked and helped me to ensure I could afford the investment property. His staff have always been able to handle any situation that arises, help with any enquiries and fill in any form that needed to be filled in. Lee was exceptional, she was always there to help me fill in all the forms, give answers and update me on the progress of my property. She was there from signing the contracts through to finding good agents, to finding good tenants for my property. With the help from Anthony and his team, I now own five investment properties, and they’ve helped my sister with her 1st investment through Wealth for Life Institute. I can’t thank Anthony, Lee and the team enough for all their help.”

Thuy Huynh

Investor and Client

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