Tom and Donna Kantarovski


How a Blue Collar Couple learnt to invest in Multiple Properties for only a total of $43 per week out of pocket.


Both Tom and Donna attended one of our education events in late 2016 at our offices in South Melbourne. Tom and Donna live in the western suburbs of Caroline springs and were very old school when it came to investing and taking on debt. Like most of us, they were raised to believe that all debt was bad and that building wealth was not for them. Tom’s motto was to just work hard and get home in time for dinner with his wife and two boys.


Whilst Tom was on a very good income, Donna’s employment was not as consistent as we all would have liked. This made it challenging to borrow more money to say the least let alone plan out a 20 year investment strategy. To top this off, Tom was conflicted trying to take on a new way of thinking and washing it up against an engrained mindset that all debt is bad and dangerous. Both Tom and Donna were open minded and decided to give this a shot after attending one of our education programs.


At our “Real Money, Real Estate” program, Tom and Donna never imagined that they could purchase multiple investments without it effecting their lifestyle. That’s right, purchasing multiple investment properties with no more than the cost of a large coffee coming out of your pocket daily. This also came with no added sugar. We had to go over this concept with Tom and Donna a number of times and each time it sounded better and better to them. We asked Tom to speak to his accountant who verified our program and all the numbers. We were comfortable with this approach as it meant extras piece of mind for both Tom and Donna.


Tom and Donna invested in three properties without any of these properties and their running costs effecting their lifestyle. This again was the clever use of a number of finance, tax and property investment strategies ratified by Tom and Donna’s accountant. Tom and Donna now stand to replace their working income with a passive income well before they reach retirement age.


Education doesn’t have to cost a cent, but it can make you a fortune. At Wealth For Life, we believe that Knowledge, coupled with a high level of Responsibility and Control, will allow one to be cause whatever results one desires. Tom and Donna gave up whatever it was they were planning to do that eventful night, and came along to an evening that they will tell you … changed the course of their life.

“ My wife and I came and saw Anthony speak. He explained a few things a few times, then had a few meetings at the office. After a good long explanation about where we are, what we can do and how we can do things. He didn’t convince me, I was convinced by the evidence. His theory about pursing investment properties was good but I felt in a way, that everything he told me was too good to be true. I wanted to see for myself whether something like that does exist. A couple of years ago I was in debt with one property, and now I’m still in debt but have three properties and it’s just incredible. Sometimes you get sleepless nights but overall its tremendous. His team always does a tremendous job. Being with Wealth For Life, it’s like you belong to the family, I’m here with you guys. It’s good to feel that comfort with people you are around. I never have to worry.”

Tom and Donna Kantarovski

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