Wealth for Life Property Investment Lisa Foord and Warren Sharp

Warren Sharpe and Lisa Ford


How a husband and wife to turned a stalled investment strategy into a booming multi-million dollar property portfolio


Lisa Ford attended our “How to Create Real Wealth with Real Estate” seminar back in 2015 along with her husband Warren Sharpe. Whilst they were doing quite well with their investing strategy, they had reached a point where they found it difficult to borrow more money in order to continue investing. As we all know, if you can’t borrow money to make money, our journey to financial freedom will be one of struggle and let down. Lisa and Warren thought they would come along and see what they could learn as there was a buzz going around about this particular seminar.


One of the hardest things for some doing quite well is to be honest with themselves as to how they can improve their position. To add to the challenge, both Lisa and Warren had too much cash and equity tied up in property and the ever changing financial landscape had not worked to their favour this time around. How could they access their equity when all the banks were saying no? With three children entering their teens, a portfolio debt of close to $3M and a combined income of $100k, not many banks were comfortable lending Lisa and Warren anymore money to invest.


At our popular “How to Create Real Wealth with Real Estate” seminar, we highlighted the many traditional and non-traditional ways to borrow money to invest. A combination of creative financing strategies and the clever use of security and cash as part of a long term investment strategy enabled Lisa and Warren to recommence their investment journey.

Warren Sharpe and Lisa Ford


Both Lisa and Warren recommenced their investment strategy by committing to multiple sensible and carefully planned investment purchases. We were able to free up equity and cash and restructured their existing portfolio in the process which resulted in a reduction to loan interest repayments. We also set Lisa and Warren up with a finance structure that would allow to continue investing for many years to come.


No matter where you are in life, if you want to take your game to the next level, you must continue to educate yourself. Never stop learning and observing what others are doing. Road blocks and obstacles are just another way of saying that there is something that you don’t know and need to learn. We are incredibly passionate about helping you build your own knowledge and expertise in the asset classes that you choose to invest in. We’re happy to share, through our investment lectures and courses, everything we’ve learned about investing with you.

“ I now have a wealth of knowledge from my experience with Wealth For Life and am more relaxed with each purchase. Anthony once said to me that “people are only scared of what they don’t understand.” He has spent countless time explaining & sharing his knowledge with me. I remember seeing the news & reading on the internet how the property market will start fall as it must stop rising. Seeing the crash of the American property market & the loses made by people. I went to Anthony after purchasing my 3rd home & asked why I should buy more? Should I sell? Will I lose my money. Instead of looking at me like I ask too many dumb questions he answered every single question. If he couldn’t answer a question he didn’t shrug me off or make me feel intimidated . He just went away and found the answer.”

Warren Sharpe and Lisa Ford

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