From here we look at what it is that you wish to achieve financially and in what timeframe. It’s about getting agreement on your starting position and your end position (goal). We then address the steps we need to take in between. You need to know where you’re going or else how will you ever know if and when you get there.

Everything we do has a clear start, middle and end. We’ll then discuss some of the financial challenges and obstacles that you feel are holding you back and what effect these are currently having on you. Our initial meeting is free of charge and without obligation. We review your existing investment portfolio if you have one as well as your risk profile. We discover if your existing plans will allow you to achieve your goals.

Your wealth plan will be reviewed annually as part of your portfolio review process to ensure you are on track to realising your investment goals. We will show you how you can reach financial freedom when investing wisely and explain which strategies are right for you to achieve maximum results. Your full cooperation and input is required in this first step as experience shows us that if we gain agreement and sign off on this goal setting and portfolio planning session, we can get you very predictable outcomes and results.

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You’ll need to allow at least seven to ten years to achieve your goal, depending on your starting position, financial goal and timeframe. We don’t believe in any get rich quick themes and any speculation approach.

Our approach is proven, tested and works. It provides predictable results and takes out any guess work. We address all the “what ifs” and any risks in executing such a strategy. Know this, our model is the same model that the staff at Wealth For Life use and have used when it comes to building wealth.

We know it works. We also know what does not work. The strategy is modelled with consideration to your budget, timeframe, risk profile and end goal. This strategy is reviewed at least once annually with you to ensure that we are on track and arrive at the destination agreed upon in our goal setting and portfolio planning session.

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This will include things such as reviewing interest rates, offset and redraw facilities, bank accounts and the existing distribution of income and cash-flow. As an investor, it is critical to your wealth strategy that you place yourself in a position where you can continue to borrow so that you can achieve your financial goal.

This is far more important and should take seniority above an interest rate consideration. Additionally, setting up reserves and buffer accounts will ensure that you know where your mortgage payments come from and that you have the financial capacity to hold on to your investments. Why all this? Because the wrong finance structure could severely impede your wealth creation plan.

We also discuss the importance of having the right team in your corner. If necessary, we will refer you to qualified accountants, solicitors, insurance providers as these resources are crucial as part of setting up the right foundation at the outset. Purchasing entities, along with ownership structures, asset protection strategies and the correct tax structuring are key complements to your wealth creation plans.

Our fully licensed and qualified financial planners may even consult in the areas of Self Managed Superannuation Funds. Once we get the finance and the foundation structures right and agreed upon, we start the accumulation of assets.

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Our approved properties are carefully selected, extensively researched and pre-negotiated. Having built one of the largest property acquisitions networks in the country, our clients receive preferential access to many of Australia’s best properties, many before public release.

By acquiring the right properties, ones that outperform the market, It means that you can reach your financial goals much sooner and safer. Wealth For Life searches for the best investment opportunities in the most strongest locations, which show great potential for capital growth and consistent long-term rental returns.

Our comprehensive selection process includes different, proven selection formulas for houses, apartments, townhouses and villas. Our clients don’t have to waste time sifting through inferior investment opportunities: At Wealth For Life, we typically reject 18 out of every 20 projects we analyse. Astute investors know that many of the best properties are offered to the general public, but only after other those in the know have made their purchasers first. At Wealth For Life, we provide a complete turn-key solution.

Your carefully chosen tenant will walk in, unpack and commence life in their new home. There will be no need for you as our client to provide any additional items or modifications to any completed property as the tenants really are spoilt from the minute they walk in. We coordinate and project manage everything required for a property’s long-term success so that the properties are as hassle-free as possible.

Our due diligence process includes negotiating with council bodies, town planners, architects, builders, interior designers, quantity surveyors, property managers, property valuers and insurance providers. We leave no stone unturned and drill down into every little detail within these factors to ensure that our clients are presented with nothing but quality investment opportunities. As you could appreciate, much of this research takes a considerable amount of time and astute knowledge in order to weed out the difference between an average performing property and an outstanding performing property.

The difference could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars when it comes to one’s retirement plans. We often deliver a much better outcome than what one could normally achieve on their own because of our economies of scale and buying power as a result of our long standing relationships with vendors and other suppliers.

Also, our extensive inside knowledge of the finance industry enables us to understand the true value on any investment property and its location, enabling us to forecast property trends ahead of their time. We engage solicitors to assess any documentation and Contract of Sale, identify comparable sales and rentals in the area and assess the potential capital growth of your property based on historical trends and future indicators.

Through our access to industry databases, we can obtain up to date information about the property as well as comparable sales data which will assist in determining its value. We always ensure that we source properties at the best price and on the best terms for you. We will negotiate on your behalf to ensure that you obtain the asset for the lowest possible price. Each asset is never selected at random, but instead based on each our clients long term financial goals. Certain assets will actually help one achieve a desired outcome more so than other assets.

This is why many investors with large property portfolios are still nowhere near achieving their goal of financial freedom. Careful planning needs to given to asset accumulation and cash-flow. Most investors build a sizeable portfolio and are hence asset rich, but unfortunately cash-flow poor. A balanced approach is required with equal consideration given to both. At Wealth For Life, we are not affiliated with any builder, agent or developer.

Whilst we hold real estate licences in Victoria and New South Wales, we don’t operate like local real estate agents or local buyer’s advocates who are bound to offer you properties only within defined local areas, even if they are “over-valued”. This leaves us free to offer you any property, in any suburb, which we feel offers you the best returns in the current market. Once we have selected and acquired the asset, we co-ordinate the settlement of your purchase with your solicitors and ensure that there are no surprises at settlement and thereafter.

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Sounds simple right? For someone to take on board this process themselves, it would require their full time attention if one desired a successful outcome. Well, having gone through this program literally thousands and thousands of times, we think we have a pretty good handle on it.

At Wealth For Life, we have dedicated internal project managers that run the entire process on behalf of our clients from start to finish. We Keeping you in the know every step of the way, delivering an experience second to none. We update you fortnightly with a progress report. It’s like being in our office or on the construction site, from the comfort of your own lounge room.

You’ll sleep like a baby at night knowing that we are in control on your behalf and there are no surprises at the end. At Wealth For Life, we look at increasing your investment by manufacturing capital growth and rental returns through building and construction.

We provide objective advice to minimise the risk of over capitalising, ensure that you build to the taste of the market to entice fierce competition when renting out your property and the future sale of your property. We also ensure quality workmanship, fixed start and completion dates and smooth and seamless handover of your property on completion.

Quality Assurance

When buying a car, you want to ensure you are getting what you have paid for correct? When you go to collect the car, you want to check that everything you chose comes with the car right? But what about the things you can’t see or don’t know about? Unless you’re a car enthusiast or a mechanic, you may over look some of the more important items when picking up that beautiful new vehicle that you’ve been dreaming about for the last few months. You find out later on that you didn’t get what you paid for and that whole experience is soured … forever. But what if you have a car expert or mechanic that showed up on your behalf before you picked up the car, and looked for every specification you were promised, looked throughout the entire inside and outside of the car with a magnifying glass. I thinks it’s safe to assume that you would feel a little more comfortable and more at ease in handing over your hard earned money to the car dealer. At Wealth For Life we ensure you are getting everything you signed up for …without compromise. Our independent quality assurance managers check each stage of construction and at project completion so that you always know you’re getting what you paid for … a quality investment property that you can be proud of. We make this our commitment to you!

Property Insurance

Once your property is completed, we ensure you have the required insurances to protect both you and your investment. Once again, this seems to be an area that most people pay very little attention to when building an investment portfolio. The consequences can be disastrous if you get this wrong. Not every insurance policy is designed with your best interests in mind if and when you should ever have to make a claim. We have seen many people unable to claim on their insurance because of certain clauses in their insurance policy. We only work with insurance providers who allow us to “design” our own policy when it comes to landlord and building insurance protection. All our clients have a “worry free” investment when working with Wealth For Life.

Quantity Surveying

Claiming all the depreciation property investors are entitled to on an investment property can make a big difference to their cash flow. Of all the tax deductions available to property investors, depreciation is most often missed as investors do not need to spend money for it to be claimed. It is already there to be claimed on the building structure and on existing fittings and fixtures. Research shows that over 80% of property investors are failing to take advantage of property depreciation and are missing out on thousands of dollars coming back into their pockets. Imagine going to your accountant every time you do your tax with a folder that contains everything your accountant needs. This alone will save you considerably on accounting fees. Our depreciation schedules from our Quantity Surveyors ensure that you claim the highest possible depreciation on your investments for as long as possible. In most cases, you be able to save anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 on average in the first full year. You’ll be able to potentially reduce your taxable income repeatedly with these depreciation schedules for your particular property, making it a great way to potentially reduce the tax you pay each year. That means more money in your pocket!

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A vacant investment property can put enormous stress on one’s cash-flow and sour the entire investment experience. So how do you find a “great” tenant. One that pays their rent in full, on time, every month and thanks you for providing them and their family with a place that they can call home? How do you find a tenant that does not batter an eye-lid when it comes to the annual rental increase.

What’s more important, how do you find these tenants fast? Well, let me share something with you. In our experience, it has absolutely nothing at all to do with the tenant. We are in the people business. People, People, People. Having a great mastermind team around you can stop the ageing process significantly if you know what I mean.

The property manager is the key ingredient in this process. Find the right property manager, and the tenant “from heaven” shows up almost immediately. We have tenanted over 5000 properties and a majority have been tenanted within the first 7 days of being made available.

We will look after your property the way we look after our own. Remember, we too are investors and that means you get to leverage off our skills and expertise when managing your property. We minimise any vacancy periods, assist with marketing, handle repairs, maintenance, accounting and legal compliance efficiently and cost-effectively.

Don’t be surprised if you go six to twelve months without hearing about the management of your property as we are accustomed to making this go like clock-work.

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Whilst the end goals set out from the beginning won’t change, the plan along the way may change and need to be adjusted to cater for any unexpected circumstances. Life changes, your circumstances change and the property markets change. All this must be taken into consideration to ensure that you are on track to reach financial freedom.

This could include career path and job changes, an addition to the family, change of marital status, relocation to another city or state or a more aggressive approach to financial freedom. Nothing stays the same so its important that the plan along the way is flexible and can be adjusted to cater to this.

The aim is to ensure that we are on track and heading in the direction toward the set goals in a timeframe and speed you are comfortable with. Our long term relationship with you means that we are by your side every step of the way. Investors can come up against a number of challenges when it comes to maintaining a strong performance from their portfolio. The key areas we address in this review process are:


The one area that continues to get most investors into trouble. How to maintain a good cash-flow from their portfolio and ensure that the assets are paying for themselves asap.

Capital Growth

Assessing the equity gain of all assets and how and when to use that gain to leverage into other assets in a manageable way, without impacting one’s lifestyle or financial commitments.

Risk Analysis

Ensuring that your assets, debt position, income streams and personal insurances are continually monitored and covered for in the event of a worst case scenario.

Goal Attainment

Knowing when you have reached your goal of financial freedom and how to solidify and manage your position moving forward.

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You want to be in a position where you can gain the upper hand of property and finance markets and get what we call the “unfair advantage”. The markets are constantly changing. Finding out about these changes on the news or in the newspapers means you’re too late to capitalise.

At Wealth For Life, we are the experts in Wealth Creation and Real Estate investment and our clients get inside knowledge that allows them to be streets ahead of the rest. We keep you up to date with commentary advice and perspective from a wide range of experts through market updates, newsletters, seminars and workshops as well as exclusive behind closed doors private briefings. We have educated thousands of investors, ranging from beginners to experienced investors, well-established investors and a large group of high net worth professional investors.

And we keep our clients informed on the latest market trends and information, so that you can make more informed property investment decisions.

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