Anthony Peluso founded Wealth for Life in 2006.
This is his story.

In 2006, Anthony Peluso had a vision. Having worked in the property development sector for several years,
he wanted to help other people get their slice of the pie. He co-founded Dynamic 8 Property to do just that. Dynamic 8 Property evolved into the Wealth for Life and now serves thousands of Australians just like you. Anthony’s knowledge can put you on the path to financial freedom.

Anthony’s Story


During the course of his career, Anthony developed a range of skills. He became a master of
identifying and acquiring properties that will make valuable additions to any portfolio. But that’s not all. He understands what it takes
to manage those properties properly and ensure they keep earning money. Anthony combines all of this with his construction and development
expertise. It’s the total package for property investors. Since 2006, Anthony has used his extensive skill set to develop
a multi-million dollar portfolio.

He’s also a big believer in practicing what he preaches. The strategies that Anthony uses are the
very same strategies that Wealth for Life uses for our clients. Anthony’s’ personal success proves that his techniques work.
Now, he wants to make them work for you. But before he could spread his message, Anthony needed to build the Wealth for Life family. He’s
worked hard to build a team of people who have the skills needed to put his vision into practice. And just like Anthony, the Wealth for Life family practices what it preaches. Anthony’s investment skills have turned the Wealth for Life team into great investors.

Anthony’s Techniques


Anthony’s techniques will help you to attain results that you’ve only dreamed of. Do you want to invest from
as little as $50 per week? Anthony can help. Need to buy an investment property with no deposit? Anthony has a strategy for that too.
With Anthony, you can even buy a property with $0 monthly repayments.

Those are just some of the investment secrets that Anthony brings to the table. When you join the Wealth for Life family,
you gain access to these strategies and so much more. Anthony’s down to earth and direct style stands at odds with many in the wealth
management sector. He doesn’t believe in constant talking. Instead, he uses his Wealth Accelerator Model
to put average people on the fast track to financial freedom.
He finds his passion in helping other people achieve their financial goals. He uses his experiences and knowledge
to help them do that. Anthony works to help everybody in the Wealth for Life
family achieve financial freedom.

“Life is all about results. Everything else is just excuses.”

– Anthony Peluso.

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